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Wild Bore at The Dock,  http://vimeo.com/38319670
Showreel: http://vimeo.com/48952226
Singer Duet: http://vimeo.com/32510964

A text on previous projects by Maria Anita Stefanelli, Associate Professor of Anglo-American Literature at  Università Roma Tre, Rome, Italy 
may be downloaded here.

The past
Protagonists Separate                    


Sculptural installation at Weave residency, Brussels
Photo: Emma James

'Mirrorman' performing with The Devil's Spine Band
'Mirrorman' performing with The Devil's Spine Band

Installation at The Drawing Project 2013

Punishment for Galileo at Unit H, Market Studios, Photo: Ciara McKeown

Aftermath of Wild Bore performance at The Dock, Carrick on Shannon, March 2012

Horse Porridge performed in 'Public House', Allen, Co. Kildare

View of Siblings installation at the Joinery. July 2011


Sculpture at Weave residency, Brussels.
Photo: Yolanda Gutierrez

May I draw your eyes? at ' Between you, me and the four wall'
at IETM Project Arts Centre

Performance at The Drawing Project 2013

Eyepiece II, drypoint, 25 x 22, 2013

Punishment for Galileo at unit H, Market Studios, Photo: Ciara McKeown

Rock installation at The Dock

Angel at the Joinery